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Do not overspend on various products to accomplish a single task. Our multiuse power protection equipment is ideal for tackling all the harmful electrical anomalies that life throws at you, when least expected. The most common power disturbances can instantly damage expensive electronics. Our products pay for themselves in the long run for just a fraction of the cost of high end computers and audio visual equipment.


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Save time and minimize periods of inactivity while working from home by properly safeguarding your most valuable electronics from potentially damaging power surges. Choose the right products from our various levels of power protection to suit your exact needs without the headache of tedious installations. Our products are designed with the goal of being easy to use and maintain.


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Since all the interconnected devices power our lives and our homes, a fundamental mission at Forza power technologies is protecting all communications equipment. Rely on our UPS systems to provide emergency battery backup power to routers and modems, guaranteeing an uninterrupted network connection in the event of an electric failure. Home security cameras and WiFi sensors may continue to work without the worry of missing an important moment behind the lens.

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