Technology Through Innovation

Immediate and long-term solutions to protect critical data sources in the public sector


Regionally Certified

Complies with local standards and regulations for electric safety

Put your trust in our hands and confidently deploy equipment after we evaluate your overall needs and power requirements, backed by official letters of authorization for government opportunities. Our certified products are optimized to protect and backup servers and complete IT infrastructures.


Centralized Logistics

Effective planning and management of products

Our logistic structure places our distribution center at the heart of our markets. Fast and convenient deployment for the most demanding requests with greater control of inventory planning, benefitting from strategic communications between freight forwarders, vendors and the brand.


Trusted Quality

Experience the benefits of superb manufacturing and assembly

Forza Power Technologies┬┤ commitment to excellence is to offer quality products at affordable prices, using a state of the art manufacturing process. We fully stand behind our products. We also provide exceptional warranty terms for government agencies, allowing budgets to be stretched to new heights in an ever changing market of power protection.

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