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Downtime is never an option in modern schools

Forza Power Technologies strives on offering a wide array of power protection products, tackling from the most basic electrical anomalies to providing emergency backup power for the high demands of digital technology and assets in the classroom. Discover reliable and efficient solutions to minimize disruptions of activities in schools.


Trusted Quality

Cost-effective solutions engineered for today´s education

Forza Power Technologies strives on excellence, offering quality products at affordable prices thanks to our state of the art manufacturing process. We fully stand behind our products, including exceptional warranty terms for schools and universities, allowing budgets to stretched to new heights in an ever changing market of power protection.



Powering up schools, safeguarding education, backing up knowledge

Since availability is everything these days, count on Forza to maintain on line resources readily accessible and reliably operating across all levels of education. Technology cannot longer be viewed as an educational enhancer, it must be viewed as a foundational piece of living in the 21st century.

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