Play it Safe

Stay in the game even when everyone else is left in the dark


Keep on Gaming

Mission-critical protection up to the toughest challenges

Get all the power you need to play every match thanks to our distinguished families of uninterrupted power supplies. Rely on emergency battery backup power to keep your computers and gaming consoles operating around the clock. Be the last player standing, stop at nothing.


True Power

Utility energy is not 100 percent reliable

All of our UPS systems count with automatic voltage regulation (AVR) which provide clean and stable power, maintaining the overall output voltage within a desirable and harmless range. This feature maximizes overall battery life. Additionally, our family of Online Double Conversion UPS is an ideal match for PFC power supplies which require a pure sinewave for uninterrupted action.


Stay Connected

For all the things you canĀ“t afford to lose

Protecting home communication equipment is a fundamental mission at Forza Power Technologies due to all the interconnected devices the power our lives and homes. Rely on our UPS systems to provide emergency battery backup power to routers and modems, guaranteeing an uninterrupted network connection in the events of an electric failure. Home security cameras and WiFi sensors may continue to work without the worry of missing an important moment behind the lens.

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